Based in Santa Monica, California, Blueprint Motion Pictures is a production company with roots in filmmaking, advertising, and design. We work with exceptional artists, brands and producers from around the world to tell high-impact stories, relying on the expertise of our creative family and our core value of collaboration to produce work that reaches a wide audience by standing out from the crowd, not by fitting the mold. Whether in film, advertising, or branded content, our focus is to enable the creative process, allowing our clients and our artists to produce their very best work on every project.


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Ben is a Maryland-native, an award-winning writer-director and a photographer. Operating out of Santa Monica, California his commercial works have garnered millions of views online and he has directed for blue-chip brands from around the world. As a photographer and a screenwriter, Ben’s work explores themes about holding onto the past, community identity, and the resilience of the human spirit and his latest project, BEAST won Best Independent Episodic at SXSW 2018.


Twitter: @ben_strang

Instagram: @benhstrang


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A former race-car driver and a life-long adventure-seeker, Todd honed his craft as a storyteller acting in TV commercials for widely respected brands and developing projects for TV and film with a shortlist of incredible producers and writers. A salt-of-the-earth movie-maker at heart, Todd's expertise lies in his ability to jockey creative ambition alongside execution strategy, whether standing on a mountaintop with a camera or standing at a white-board with a marker.



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